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Today, every organization needs technology to manage operations and deliver services. However, due to resource constraints and systemic inequities, many social-sector organizations have not yet fully recognized (or cannot afford to embrace) the benefits review film of technology or the importance of digital transformation.

That’s why VMware created Good Gigs Projects — an OCTO program that encourages co-innovation amongst VMware people and with the nonprofits of their choice. The program strengthens nonprofit tech capacity through what VMware calls “Tech Pro Bono Service Learning” (or just “Tech Pro Bono”). With this support, the Malala Fund team created more efficiencies around day-to-day operations, and they’re able to spend more time working toward their mission – a world where all girls can access 12 years of free, safe, quality education.

Nearly 130 million girls were out of school before the pandemic — and 20 million more may be out of school by the time this crisis is truly over. In addition to the pandemic, girls’ access to education continues to be disproportionately impacted by issues like conflict, racial discrimination or devastation from climate change and natural disasters. It doesn’t take much to expose the fragility of our support systems and the depths of global inequality. But Malala Fund prefers to focus on the strength of girls around the world and their determination to learn, whatever obstacles life throws their way.

The international nonprofit team invests in local education activists ​​and advocates who are working to help girls across nine countries go to school. They also amplify the voices of young women fighting for chance and advocate for the policies and resources needed to help all girls learn. A quality education provides girls with the skills they need to thrive, more job opportunities and greater independence. Meanwhile, communities and workplaces benefit from greater diversity and fresh perspectives.

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